Cold Out

Tiny mushrooms

Tiny mushrooms

I woke up this morning to discover that the temperature at 7 am was 28 degrees F. I do not want to even convert it to celsius since it will be even colder. (Okay -2 isn’t that bad.) There was a heavy frost on the grass but I didn’t pull out the camera to photograph it. I want to be in denial that winter is coming fast. I like fall. The colors by Mother Nature are fantastic and the temperature is generally nice. I like it when the evenings are cool enough that you want to pull a quilt over your lap while you read or watch tv.

I actually have been working on sewing on bindings on quilts this weekend. The one I started Friday evening is almost done. I have one short side left to hand sew and it should be done tonight. I did not pick the small ones that need binding sewn on instead I went for the bigger ones. I want to reduce the pile of larger quilts since they are nice to snuggle under when the weather gets cold. The that I am hoping to finish tonight is a gift for a friend and I would like to get it in the mail before the end of the week since it has a long trip to its new home. I have one other larger one that is also a gift that may be the next one up for finishing but I will decide that when I look at the pile.

I received 3 boxes of yarn on Friday from P but I failed to take photos of them. She has started tackling cleaning out her yarn closet. I took all of the cotton yarns and put them into one rather large box for my SIL. She doesn’t knit or crochet wool. There were a few skeins of wool in the box though. My niece is a yarn snob. I deny any and all knowledge of how she became a yarn snob. But if I feed her stash every once and awhile, she doesn’t ask for yarn out of my stash. A second box ended up at my knit group meeting Saturday afternoon. Everyone loved going through the box. A very small box was filled with yarn that for for me. Mostly hand spuns and some yarn that I have been wanting to try. Two skeins of the new yarn are already used up. Well almost used up. I cast on for another cowl using The Fibre Company’s Terra yarn and the cowl is almost finished. This is a yarn that I have been wanting to try but I can’t find it locally. I like the yarn and may end up with more if it in my stash soon. This cowl will be a gift for a friend. I would send it back to P but she is allergic to alpaca and the yarn has alpaca in it. I have yarn for another cowl lined up already from the small amount that I kept. There will be photos as soon as everything is finished.

The leaves are cascading down the rocks

The leaves are cascading down the rocks


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2 responses to “Cold Out

  1. Nice leaf..

    Glad you can put the yarn to good use…. There will be more. I just need to find the energy and the emotional strength to be rational. 🙂

  2. cool mushrooms.

    thats COLD!