Vote Early and Vote Often

Finally an election that you can vote in every day!!! I listen to a wide variety of podcasts and my all time favorite is Katia & KylieMac podcast V.O. (version originale or original version for those who don’t speak French.) The combination of the Aussie Lass and Ms. Mac along with the regular cast of expats and the occasional Frenchman or two is hilarious!!! If you have never listened to this podcast, you have to check it out. Who can resist the expat list of characters such as Kim, Vivi, and Frog. Okay, Frog is a Frenchman but he is an expat in his own country according to the ladies of K&K. And Frog, your blog is down.

K&K is up for two awards in the Podcast Awards. The original K&K V.O. is up for an award in the general category. And K&K Tourist Tips is up for an award in travel category. The nice thing about this “election” is that you can vote every day starting today!!! Finally an election that is fair and we can all vote multiple times. So go on over and cast your vote for my favorite podcast. And check out K&K V.O., K&K Tourist Tips, and K&K Learn French at the same time. You will like you have gone to Paris for a while.

And after listening once, I am sure you will be hooked. I was. I am getting ready for the celebration for Episode 200. I just wish I could fly over to Paris for the event. But I am knitting for the event instead. Ms. Mac had better wear what I am making her is all that I have to say!!!

And dentist update. I survived the root canal. My mouth is very sensitive today and my throat is sore. But the specialist was fantastic and understood my fears. I still have to get the crown put on but that is not for a few weeks yet. The tooth has to heal up some more. I wish the guy I saw yesterday did general dentistry because I would go to home even though my regular dentist is good about my phobia.


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4 responses to “Vote Early and Vote Often

  1. Merci beaucoup for the podcast recommendation. I downloaded a bunch of “learn French” podcasts today since I depart in two weeks for Paris!

  2. The crown part is way easier than the root canal. I had one done almost two years ago now and had a temp. crown then the real one put on.

  3. Glad the root canal went well.
    All your fall pics are stunning!

  4. Glad you made it through the root canal. How awful! BTW, I gave you an “I love your blog” award.