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Bad Internet

My internet connection has been giving me fits the past few days so I haven’t been able to really get online. I can get online since it is DSL but let’s just say that 98% of the time, the connection speed is so slow that everything times out. And according to my internet provider the problem is on my end. Yet nothing has changed on my end. When I talked to tech support yesterday, I was told that my modem and router were bad. Let’s just say the conversation went downhill from there. The modem, router, and filters are all fairly new since they were just replaced within the last few months. Today, the problem is resolved. Funny how it was all on my end! Every time I have a problem, I seem to notice the phone company’s trucks out working on the lines right down the street. Makes you wonder…..

Te weekend wasn’t spend as I had planned sewing, knitting, and cleaning. Instead, I got to spend all day Saturday out in the pouring rain shopping. I normally live in jeans but I needed a dress for Sunday. And I figured that if I was going to be out in the rain, I had might as well get all of my shopping done. I did find a nice black dress at Ross of all places. I can live with the nap of the stretchy velvet going the wrong way for the price. I think I may start sewing cloths again so I don’t have to deal with things like this though. I did manage to get a little bit of knitting down Saturday evening but I can’t show it off yet. It was just mailed out today to some one as a Halloween surprise.

The reason I needed the dress for Sunday was that I had to attend a memorial service for a family friend’s daughter who died on Thursday. The friends’ daughter was severely handicapped from birth; she lived much longer than anyone ever thought she would. Since August she has been picking up respiratory infections left and right. Everytime she would end up at Children’s Hospital in Washington DC. Her mother was the one who made the decision that she would not be placed on any life support this time since it would not improve her quality of life. Talking with the mother, she said that she had to think about what was best for everyone in the family including her daughter. There are some members of the extended family upset with the mother but she said that in her heart she knows she made the right decision and that her daughter is no longer in pain.

While it was a sad occasion, you could see the relief on the mother’s face. The pressures and stress this family has been under for the last seven years will be slow to leave and I am hoping that the family structure survives. You never realize how much pressure and strain are placed on a family from caring for a severely disabled child.

And if I owe anyone an email, please give me a little bit of time. I have to answer my work emails first before tackling the personal email box.

Play of light and dark on autumn leaves

Play of light and dark on autumn leaves


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