Trying to Prepare for Winter

The leaves seem to collect in the low areas of the garden

The leaves seem to collect in the low areas of the garden

Winter came knocking the other night with howling cold winds. And even though I was snuggled up under a quilt on the couch, I realized that I needed to prepare knit wise for what looks like it may be a cold winter. It is embarrassing to admit as a knitter but I honestly have one pair of fingerless gloves and no cowls. I have knit them for everyone else but not for myself. So I decided that I need to knit several for myself. Living in an old house, I need things to help keep me warm. Oh, I have plenty of quilts, hats, scarves and such but every little bit helps.

The yarn colors remind me of summer berries

The yarn colors remind me of summer berries

So I have cast one two cowls for myself. And I will not give these two cowls away either. The first one is some rescued yarn from P’s stash. It is some Yarn Chef in a colorway that reminds me of summer berries. The pattern is a variation of the Stacked Eyelets Cowl pattern I found over on Ravelry. I decided that instead of purling a row before and after the knit two together rows, I will just knit them instead. I am liking the way the cowl is turning out.

The second one is a feather and fan cowl. Actually I am using the Old Shale Smoke Ring pattern I also found on Ravelry. The yarn is DragonFly Fiber sock yarn in Bougainvillea. This color is Kate’s signature color and is a little bit bright for most people. I am working on this one like crazy since I want to have it to wear next weekend at Stitches East. I am working in the booth for Gryphon and Kate. It would be nice to have this done and be able to wear it. I am loving the color and I shouldn’t have any problem standing out in the crowd with this cowl.


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6 responses to “Trying to Prepare for Winter

  1. Great colors. I particularly like the pink one.

    We finally gave in last night and shut the window. I’m hoping to be able to open it again tomorrow, though.

  2. Pretty colors! I was just thinking last week, as we were vowing not to turn the heat on yet, that I need some fingerless mitts and a couple of cowls too.

  3. Good for you knitting for yourself!

    How was the dentist?

  4. I absolutely know how you feel. I realized earlier this week that I didn’t have any scarves for myself (although I am working on a Crofter’s Cowl). Happy knitting!

  5. Farmer’s Almanac says a cold cold winter!
    I think I may splurge and get some new windows here as our big gift partially from my parents. It’ll make two rooms in our house SO much nicer to live in!

  6. Those summer berry colors are gorgeous! It sounds like fun to work in the booth for Gryphon. Hope you enjoy Stitches East.

    And yes, you deserve to knit lots of warm things for yourself this winter. 🙂