Chocolate Equals Happiness

Okay, maybe chocolate doesn’t equal happiness to some people but it did for me yesterday. Although I am not a member of my local co-op, I tend to shop there quite a bit. I am on their email list and when I received a notice that there was a class on baking coming up, I emailed right back for the entire series. The classes offered at the co-op are free and they do as a general rule, enjoy healthy living. You can bake treats and be healthy.

The first class in the series though happened to be on ganache which is not exactly healthy. But you can allow yourself treats every once in awhile. We all got to sample, watch and received the recipes for the chocolate ganache cake that was demoed yesterday. Chef Michael Harman was extremely entertaining. He believes that recipes should be shared and gave us all hints and tips on how to make a wonderful rich yet not too sweet chocolate cake with raspberry filling and covered with French butter cream and chocolate ganache.

The next session will be on baklava. I love making baklava but rarely eat it. My brother loves it even though he claims to not like nuts. All I can say is that he is my brother and I think he has always been a little bit nuts about things like this. Growing up, we always made a Greek version of baklava. But searching for info on baklava, I saw mention of chocolate baklava. Okay it is not traditional but I am thinking of making a batch. I have found two recipes but may tinker with them somewhat. I will try to see what I can come up before the next session on November 16th. If the tinkering turns out well, I will post the recipe here for anyone wanting to play with phyllo dough.


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6 responses to “Chocolate Equals Happiness

  1. Sounds like a great class! Chocolate baklava sounds like an intriguing combination. My friend makes a wonderful almond (rather than pistachio) baklava that’s one of my favorites.

  2. sounds yummy! if i lived closer i would go there more often then i already do!

  3. morningjoy

    Now I have a craving for chocolate cake with raspberry filling and covered with a creamy ganache. Help!

  4. Um, chocolate cake SOOOOOO does equal happiness. Mmmm… can’t wait to hear about the baklava class!!