Daily Archives: November 7, 2008

Ready for Stitches

I managed to finish my bright cowl and it is almost dry. I will either be wearing it or it will be on display this weekend at Stitches. I hope to see lots of nice soft yarn and more this weekend. If anyone is coming down to Baltimore this weekend, I will be in Gryphon‘s booth (#154) Saturday and Sunday. I will wander the other booths of course, but look for me there first. In addition to finding the fantastic yarns and roving from both Gryphon and Kate, I will have some note cards for sale in the booth. I had sent Gryphon a few a few months ago. She asked me to do some with “fiber-y” related photos for the booth at Stitches. So there is a nice assortment of cards in the booth. Come by and say hi!!!


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