Cool Wet Autumn

It seems like autumn does not want to end here in the mid-Atlantic. And it keeps raining. And since I don’t mind the rain, that is a good thing. Actually I like it when it is misty because it is fun to go out and play with the camera. I have been really busy the last several days so I have tons of photos to process. Last Thursday night was fiber guild night and I love the old mansion at the park where we meet. I haven’t been inspired to pick up the camera lately but every time I go to Rose Hill, I find something that I have to shoot. And the lure of the place did not fail me.

Thursday was wet and it was dark by 5:30 but I still managed to find plenty to shoot. I shoot about 50 photos in the space of 30 minutes and never ventured beyond the light near the old ice house. Okay, some did not turn out the way I wanted them to but that was only about 10 shots.

Friday I was the photographer at a Red Hat holiday luncheon. And I have about 300 shots to process and post up over on Flickr. This was a semi-paid gig. The ladies are going to be ordering from Flickr. When I post them, I will add a link from the blog. I rarely shot people so this will be interesting. (The shots will be up on a separate Flickr account.)

Saturday was spent at knit group. And Knit group is always fun. Sunday was spend on a bus trip to see a holiday show up in Lancaster County. There will be more about that trip tomorrow. I managed to knit a cowl on the trip.

But in the meantime, enjoy the photo from Thursday night.

Fall LeafHiding ColorsColors of Fall - Wet

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  1. I wish we had fall color! I’ll live without it though to not have miserable cold 🙂