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The holiday weekend was spent eating, cleaning and knitting. I did take some photos of the food. I took a photo of the baked potato casserole that I posted the recipe for last week before baking. There wasn’t that much of this dish leftover.



I also took some photos of the roasted veggies that I made Thanksgiving day mostly for myself. Although my nephew kept sampling them when I took them up to my brother’s house. This is a child who normally does not eat veggies willingly. But he kept “sampling” them while everything else was finished up. And he still manged to eat a decent helping of the roasted veggies at dinner.

Straight out of the oven

Straight out of the oven

I have been working on a cowl design that I managed to finish the sample in time for Thursday. My nephew was nice enough to photograph it and critique it. I have frogged the cowl slightly and shortened it so that it is a better fit. The pattern should hopefully be finished and posted by the end of the week or the beginning of nest week.

New cowl design

New cowl design

I finally cleaned up the garden on Saturday afternoon and put it to bed. I have been putting it off for quite awhile. I normally just pull everything out of the large planters but this year I actually dumped even the dirt. I have been re-using this dirt for about 4 or 5 years in some of the pots. I dumped the dirt into some of the holes in the yard and the rest went into the compost pile.

Sunday was spent cleaning the living room. Actually my method of doing a deep cleaning is to rearrange the room. I want to bring upstairs from the front room and put in the living room. But in order to bring it up, I needed to rearrange the living room. I am not quite finished with the deep cleaning yet, but I have managed to do most of the rearranging. By moving the couch to the end of the room where the windows are and moving the tv to where the couch used to be has really opened up the room. The room is actually quite large but it never felt that way before. Now it is open and very large. I will post photos of it after I am done with the cleaning and the dresser is upstairs. I am thinking of breaking down and actually buying a rug and getting some new curtains for the windows after everything is done.

One thing about doing this deep cleaning is that I am also going through all of my yarn that is in the living room and finding a number of UFOs. A few of the UFOs have been frogged. The yarn from some of these frogged UFOs will be recycled into new projects. Some of the yarn will be given to P. She has a few projects that she has been wanting to make but didn’t want to buy the yarn. And the frogged yarn is what she needs. So we are going to swap yarn. And the last bit of frogged yarn or unloved yarn will be making its way to knit group.

I am going to be making mittens and cowls for the next several weeks I think. They use up a skein of yarn each and are quick to knit. Plus mittens are always appreciated. So don’t be surprised to see alot of small projects over the next few weeks. Plus I need to finish a sweater that is a Christmas present for the boy.

A pair of mittens that only needed thumbs and finishing

A pair of mittens that only needed thumbs and finishing


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5 responses to “Food & Knitting

  1. I like the new cowl…. I kindof like that length actually.

  2. Your new cowl design is lovely!

  3. Holy cow, you’ve been busy! Congrats on the cowl design — it’s very cute. I also love those mittens.

    I wore the blue mittens you knit for me quite a bit this fall, and they’re so perfectly warm and cozy.

    Glad to hear you enjoyed Thanksgiving. The roasted veggies look yummy! And a lot better than the green bean casserole my aunt served.

    BTW, I would love that extra skein of lavender Manos — it would give me a safety net on the Button-Me-Up raglan I’m planning to knit with it once I’m done with all the holiday knitting.

  4. Thanks for your sweet words.
    Cowl is gorgeous; more of your face would be good tho’. The mittens are gorgeous, too.
    Dyed Bougie today, but ran out of time on Dragonberry. Thursday, hopefully.

  5. I love roasted veggies- I think I’m making some tonight!