Starting to Look Like Winter

I had planned on posting yesterday but my computer was not being nice to me. It seems like every time I go to the post office, there are more and more catalogs in my box. The one company that I seem to receive at least two or three catalogs a week from is Coldwater Creek. (And yes, I have been asked to be removed from their mailing list.) A recent cover on one of the catalogs had hand knit stockings on it. The price on the stockings was $45 and they are imported. I knew that I could make a better stocking and knit my own. I have been trying to not buy new patterns. But I was sorely tempted when I saw Ysolda‘s latest pattern for Last Minute Stockings. I broke down and bought the pattern and started a stocking Friday night.

Colwater Cover

The stocking was done Sunday evening. I have finally figured out how to do the mysterious figure 8 cast on and a Japanese short row heel. That is the only reason that the stocking took so long to finish. The best part of the stocking is that I was able to use some of that novelty yarn that has been stuck in the darkest corner of my stash for way too long.

The first of what will heopefully be a series of stockings

The first of what will heopefully be a series of stockings

Between the finished stocking and the fact that it snowed Saturday evening, it makes it feel like winter and Christmas are almost here.

A freshly cut log dusted with snow

A freshly cut log dusted with snow

And there is another stocking already on the needles. This one in the colors of a friend’s roller dery team.


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4 responses to “Starting to Look Like Winter

  1. COOL picture of the log.
    Good luck with your stockings!

  2. It looks great! Sounds like you learned some new techniques, too, which is always good for the brain. I love the snow graphic you have going with the photos, and the log picture is beautiful.

  3. I found you through K&K. This is a wonderful blog:) It’s so warm and cozy!

  4. Cute stocking! Great log picture too. I love the smell of fresh cut wood.