Winter Rain

I have finished the roller derby stocking but I need to duplicate stitch the team name onto it. I will take a photo once the team name is stitched on the stocking. I am starting a third stocking for the week. This one is a gift for a friend’s husband. She knows what the colors are since she helped me pick them out. I really like the colors for this latest stocking and the frou-frou that will go on top is what is going to make it. Now to find some coal to stick in though…..

The weather yesterday and today has been very dreary. It starting with drizzle yesterday and it has rained all day today. It is one of those days you want to stay at home and knit all day curled up on your couch. Or spin a a nice wheel if you have one. And next to you on the table would be a bright and cheery teapot full of steaming hot Irish Breakfast tea and maybe a hot scone or two. And the fireplace would be crackling and popping as the logs burn with a with cheery warmth. But of course, that isn’t an option. Instead I am stuck at work but at least I have my knitting with me and a nice warm mug of tea.

Water droplets on red leaves in mid-December

Water droplets on red leaves in mid-December

One nice thing about winter rain is that it does make for excellent photos at least.


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5 responses to “Winter Rain

  1. Just got home from work and I’m having that pot of tea. Hope you get to have one soon, too. The picture is stunning with that bright red and raindrops.

  2. Hey, the combo of knitting and tea is pretty fabulous considering that you’re at work!

  3. hey that is very pretty and festive! I can’t make it on Sat either, I have baking and grading to do. guess which one I want to do more!

  4. Three stockings in a week…amazing!

  5. I moseyed down to the Mall last night to take advantage of the 60-degree temps and take some pictures of the Christmas trees. Of course, it started to rain. 😦