Conversation with a Teenage Boy

My 14 year old nephew and I had this conversation last night. It definitely gives some insight into the mind of a teenage boy. He was the initial photographer for Dragonberry Fire Cowl. He fell in love with the color of the yarn and asked me to see if Kate could dye some in a weight that would make a hat. Kate dyed the yarn and I was talking to him about what specifically he wants.

Me – So what sort of hat do you want?
Boy – One that fits my head.
Me – One like I made you last year? With ear flaps?
Boy – One that fits my head.
Me – You mean a beanie?
Boy – One that fits my head.
Me – Do you want cables or all ribbing?
Boy – Don’t care so long as it fits my head.
Me – Get your sister to help you decide and figure out what you want.

Making him ask his sister should resolve the pattern. She may not be an experienced knitter but she has a good eye for design. He also wants a scarf to match the hat. Maybe he will decide what he wants before next winter. Although he was hoping for a hat and scarf for this winter. Anyone else have problems trying to get an answer out of a teenaged boy?


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3 responses to “Conversation with a Teenage Boy

  1. Les~

    hee hee M, I’m laughing reading that conversation. Yep, sounds like a typical convo. “A” asked me the other day to make a cowl for him like the blue one you made N. “Like this”, he says, ” only smaller”. “What color ? I get a shrug. What design ? Another shrug. See if you were talking in person, the “I don’t knows” would be replaced with a shrug LOL. Oh well, I’m flattered he put in a request anyway. N really likes his cowl.

  2. As long as it fits…