New Yarn

Yes, I am always tempted by new yarn. But I did not purchase this yarn. I made it instead!!!! You know how sometimes certain people can be a bad influence? Well I seem to be surrounded by spinners. And they have been slowly slowly influencing me towards buying a wheel. It started with me wanting to learn about fiber so that I could be an informed buyer. And it slowly turned into learning about roving, fleece, sliver, top, and how different fibers draft. And talk about drafting led to me learning to draft. And drafting lessons led to buying spindles. And spindles led to learning about wheels. And after almost two years of searching and resisting, I have finally broken down and bought a wheel of my own.

My first wheel spun yarn

My first wheel spun yarn

I actually bought my wheel last Friday but didn’t bring it home until Saturday. It was pouring down rain on Friday and I didn’t want it to get wet after all. I have been practicing treadling and pre-drafting fiber all weekend. I kept getting frustrated with the drafting until I had the light bulb go off to try drafting as a leftie instead of a rightie. I took a spindle class at MDS&W a few years ago that was taught by Judith Mackenzie McCuin and she had suggested that I try spinning as a leftie since although I am technically a rightie I do many things as a leftie. Once I made the switch everything came together. I am not saying my handspuns are smooth and even just quite yet but what is on the bobbin looks nice.

Surfer Dude!

I still need to practice more before my drafting is nice and easy. But practice yarns can still be knit!!! And for those who want to know what wheel I bought, I bought a Schacht Matchless. It was the wheel I kept coming back to after looking and trying several different wheels. Of course, now I am hooked on a new craft.
Blue Yarn


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9 responses to “New Yarn

  1. I’ve had so much fun exploring and learning to spin. After a couple of years of “play” I finally feel like a real spinner. Enjoy the process!

  2. Oooh, I love my Matchless. There is no better wheel. I wish you years of happiness spinning!

  3. Congrats.
    Beautiful, fluffy singles!

    Enjoy your matchless.
    I LOVE mine!

  4. Congrats & welcome to the addictive world of spinning!! Your first effort looks fab, btw – lurve that color!

    I learned on a Matchless – you picked a good one.

    Happy Solstice, Happy Xmas, Happy Festivus, Happy (Insert holiday of your choice)!


  5. welcome to the club! it’s crazy addictive! 🙂

  6. Mwuahahaha… you’ve finally joined us at the dark side 🙂 The good thing is… we’ve gots fiber… and cookies 🙂

    Cheers Eva

  7. Congratulations! I’m so proud of you. No wonder you didn’t finish your cobblestone…

  8. Oooh, pretty. I’m intrigued by spinning, but I haven’t completely been bitten by the bug yet.

  9. Azhar

    Where and when does the spinning guild meet? I live in Brunswick and work in Frederick and would like to try to come if possible.