New Addiction

I must say that spinning is really addicting. But I have already said that. New Year’s Day was spent spinning at a spin-in with a group of ladies from the Rose Hill Fiber Guild up near Hagerstown. I was working on my first attempt at sock yarn. After plying the yarn and setting it, it was more of a DK weight. But it was pretty!!! I don’t have a photo of that yarn because it has already gone to live with Jess aka Bunnysquirrel. She fell in love with it when she saw it Saturday, so I gave it to her. But latest attempt at sock yarn was much closer to fingering weight. I just underplied in a a few sections. So I will be trying sock yarn again.

Part of the old weaving mill in Savage

Part of the old weaving mill in Savage

Right now so far as spinning goes, I want to try every different fiber I can get my hands on right now. I figure that if I try a variety of different fibers now, I can learn about them and figure out what I like. Right now on the bobbin is some merino/silk in a fuschia/hot pink that I bought up at the Mannings this past Friday. I love the color but the skies are too dark and nasty looking to get a decent photo. I want to ply this pink with either black alpaca or a black natural fleece. And I will be going back up to the Mannings soon to hopefully pick up several more ounces of this fiber. I like the color and I like how the silk adds a bit of a white tweed-y look to the yarn.

I meet up with Woolarina, Anne, Ashley, and Jess on Saturday. There is another Homespun Yarn Party in the future and we were checking out a possible site. If you are interested in more info on the next Homespun Yarn Party,keep checking out the blog for details as they become available. I was in a section of my own state that I normally just drive past. I will be making trips now just to go and photograph certain sites. This place was really beauty in terms of natural beauty.

After checking this site out, we all headed up to Baltimore to Spinster Yarns & Fibers. I had never been to this shop before but I can say that I will be going back. It is easy for me to get to from the Baltimore beltway. I ended up staying Saturday night with Jess for the sit and knit group. The ladies at this shop are a real treat.

There is one other yarn shop I want to visit in Baltimore soon. I need to get together with Jess and see if she wants to go with me. I can get lost in Baltimore easily. I never have problems in the DC area though with getting lost.

An old tree that caught my eye near the old mill

An old tree that caught my eye near the old mill

One little note about how I ended 2008 was with a visit to an orthopedist. I broke my ankle at the end of September and it was a simple small break. The first orthopedist said that the ankle was healed even though I was still complaining of pain. And he never took a second x-ray. Well, I decided that it had been hurting enough and that a second opinion was in order. So early on New Year’s Eve, I drove over the mountain in really strong winds for a second opinion. Turns out that the ankle is still broken and is in worse shape now than it was to start with when the two x-rays are compared. Yes, another x-ray was finally taken. The ankle may end up requiring surgery to remove the bone fragment that has not healed and reattach the ligaments. But the new orthopedist wants to try some non-surgical methods first. Right now I have a very supportive brace that I have to wear except for showering and sleeping. I am waiting on a TENS unit to arrive. We are going to give this method a three month try and re-evaluate. If there is a little hint of progress, we will try this method for another three months. But if there is no progress, the ankle will require surgery. But on a positive note, I can spin and it is actually good for my ankle.


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7 responses to “New Addiction

  1. Sounds like you’re having lots of fun with spinning! Hurray for new hobbies. Best of luck with the ankle — what a disappointment about the previous doctor and lack of x-rays.

  2. Eva

    You do know that you can add or remove twist to a yarn before bathing it by running it through the wheel again, don’t ya? If it is underplied, just reattach it to the bobbin and tighten the brake band so that you have a fast uptake and spin away. (if it is a single in the spinning direction, if it is a plied yarn in the plying direction). Another way to test if you’ve got enough twist is to check before winding it on the bobbin. Stop treadling, and move your hand holding the yarn closer to the wheel. It will hang down. If it twists back on itself you’re over twisting. This is not bad if you’re going to ply because by plying you’ll remove some of the twist.
    Are your sock yarns 2-plies or 3-plies? The best wearing sock yarns are 3 plies that are slightly over plied.
    An interesting book to learn about different kinds of wools is In Sheep’s Clothing. It really is super informative! And, of course getting samples of fibers and test drive them 🙂 I know I dislike long stapled fibers like Wensleydale (even though those Rasta sheep are cute) and Romney. At this moment my absolute favorite are Shetland, BFL and Corriedale.
    When I broke my ankle I had pains in it for 3 years after it was healed. After that another 8-9 when the weather was cold/humid. Now I’m mostly pain free… some days it will tell me it is unhappy, but not really hurt.

    Sorry for the long ‘comment’ hehehe.

    Cheers Eva
    PS: to test a lot of different fibers you could sign up with a fiber club… Spunky Eclectic accepts new sign ups for hers at the moment…

  3. TENS units are great for sore necks too!

  4. I’m super envious of your proximity to so many IRL spinning resources & peeps! Keep it up so I, from my isolated perch in Humboldt, can live vicariously through you.

  5. Yeah for spinning!!
    You can totally use DK weight yarn to knit socks!
    Good luck.

  6. I hope you aren’t going to end up needing surgery!
    I want to take a photography filed trip soon- just me and the camera, I really want to get some photos going around here!
    I’m not learning to spin until I am 50, LOL. By then maybe I’ll get my ____ together enough to take on something that addictive 😉

  7. I’m glad you’re finally getting some treatment for that ankle. Promise you’ll take care of it and do what the doctor says:)
    Yay for spinning. i’m so glad it’s physical therapy for you, as well as therapy for the mind, too.
    I’m hoping to go to Lauren’s with the little monsters, assuming there is no match or game I need to be at. Don’t know yet. Happy to let you play with my Lendrum. already thinking of a second wheel, are you?