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Pink & Purple

I have been forced to step back from my wheel for a few days. I had a little issues with a bobbin that means I can’t ply the yarn I had on it. The problem is being fixed and the yarn hopefully saved by the wheel dealer. Yes, she is that nice. But as a result, I have been forced to return to my knitting needles.

But what I did manage to ply before my bobbin issue turned out lovelier than I had thought it would. I have been striving to work for an even consistent yarn. And since my wheel seems to lend itself to fine yarns, I figured that I would aim for fingering weight. I do like to knit socks after all. I may have reached that making usable sock yarn!!!!

And I am in pink mode. After viewing some roving from Creatively Dyed that Kate had at a spin in last month, I bought some from the Loopy Ewe. I bought two different colorway but decided to try Be Mine First. It is a lovely pink. The seawool gives it some white where it doesn’t take the dyes the same as the wool. And it is resulting in a lovely pink yarn. I can’t wait to get my bobbin back tomorrow so I can finish plying the rest of the singles.

A small skin of lovely pink fingering weight

A small skin of lovely pink fingering weight

And when I went to the Mannings last Friday, I bought some hot pink merino/silk roving to try. Okay they called it fuchsia but it is really hot pink. The roving was packaged up in 2 ounce bags and I bought 3. I figured that I could practice with them 2 ounces at a time. Well, there is almost 6 ounces on one bobbin. I almost bought some black alpaca to ply with this hot pink. But I stopped myself. I remembered that I know some one who raises alpacas right up the road from me.

Tomorrow I am going to my new “crack” dealer. Okay crack really should be alpaca. I am even thinking of buying an alpaca fleece from her from the spring shearing. I haven’t even spun alpaca on it’s own yet and I am thinking of buying a fleece!!! But I can go right up the road and up the hill and visit with the alpacas too.

And I am knitting with my handspun too. I had to go to the dentist yesterday and decided to knit another Urchin hat out of handspun. I knit one for my niece for Christmas and since the colors of the handspun are purples, I am thinking that this one may end up in her hands too. Once you understand this pattern, it goes really fast. I took it with me to fiber guild last night was almost finished it. I just need to graft the live stitches together tonight. I think there may another one of these on the needles again in the near future.

Urchin out my own handspun

Urchin out my own handspun

And I am thinking that it is time to finish up some socks that are on the needles. My feet are getting cold. The one good thing about the new brace is that my left ankle stays nice and warm.


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