Spin and Knit

It seems that all I have been doing lately is spinning. But I have also been doing some knitting. I actually knit up another Urchin out of my own hand spun. I started it last Thursday and seamed it up Saturday afternoon at my stitch group. It is drying right now and I have to decide if I am going to keep it or give it away. It is really cute though.

Purple Urchin drying

Purple Urchin drying

Spinning seems to lend itself to doing things like laundry and cleaning. You throw a load of laundry into the washer and you have a a decent amount of time to sit and spin. I hate cleaning so I have set up a reward program with myself. If I clean for 30 minutes, I reward myself with 15 minutes of reading, knitting, or spinning. I have to set the kitchen timer so that I don’t forget to return to cleaning. I did not step foot into my sewing/studio room though. For some reason, that is the coldest room in the house. But I am going to have to brave it so I can finish finally cleaning it up..And I need thread to hand sew some bindings on quilts that are almost finished here in the next night or two. The temperatures are going to finally feel like winter. And when it is cold that is when I like to be under a warm quilt sewing the binding on. And in an old house with old windows, quilts are necessary. The storm windows do help but only to a point.

Alpaca/merino blend not as red as it appears

Alpaca/merino blend not as red as it appears

So what did I manage to spin Sunday? Plenty. I spun some bulky weight Finn yarn. I had purchased this roving at MDS&W last year but never realized it was slightly felted. I borrowed some hand carders and carded it. I spun the two colors that I had and plied them together to get a yarn that reminds me of the pale blue and green waters of the Caribbean in the shallows. Of course, I was watching Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. I also spun up a wonderful alpaca/merino roving from Zen Yarn Garden. The color reminded me of a dark chocolate. And I spun it while watching one of my favorite movies Chocolat. I love how DVDs have bonus materials because it gives me more time to spin.

Bulky yarn that looks like ocean water

Bulky yarn that looks like ocean water

I haven’t decided if I am going to keep all of my handspun yet. Some of it may be finding homes around the globe. After all know that I am addicted, I need to spread the disease.

And could some one please tell the snow gods that Maryland needs some snow? I don’t mind the cold so long as there is some snow to go with it. I am off to a new to me local stitch group tonight at the co-op. And Saturday, weather permitting, I am going to a spin-in on the eastern shore. And yet another spin-in next weekend. Now to go and figure out what I can take with me to the new stitch group tonight. Socks or fingerless gloves … or both?


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4 responses to “Spin and Knit

  1. I’m with you on the snow front.

  2. hehehe… Yes your homespuns are finding good homes around the world. Thank you

  3. We could use some more snow too. There’s just not enough to go around this year.

    Sounds almost like you need more housework to go with the spinning. Otherwise, how are you going to spin once you have everything done? /tongue in cheek

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