Okay, the cold days are gone for e a few days. And the mid-Atlantic never got as cold as other parts of the country. I don’t mind the cold if I do not have to go outside and if there is snow on the ground to go with it. (I only have to shovel one sidewalk since the driveways and parking lot are done for me.)

The creek across from the Mannings

The creek across from the Mannings

There has been lots of spinning going on but I haven’t had a chance to photograph it yet. And there is actually knitting going too. I have broken down and started myself a sweater. I have started Acer by the wonderful Kirsten of Through the Loops. I am using Seacolors from the wonderful Nanney Kennedy. I bought the yarn to make a different sweater but it is perfectly suited to this pattern. The color I am using could best be described as old roses. It is a dark heathery pink. I would have a photo of the sweater so far but let’s just say that there is a good reason to read the pattern all the way through before starting it. So I had to frog what I had already knitted because I forgot to keep track of my increases. SO I had to frog the sweater and restart. But the sweater does knit up fast. Photos soon of this sweater.

ONe of the fviews from the Mannings

ONe of the fviews from the Mannings

And the date for the Homespun Yarn Party for 2009 has been announced. It will be Sunday March 15, 2009 at Savage Mill conveniently located between Baltimore and Washington DC. Be sure to check out the blog for details. I loved this last year and offered to help out this year.

And we finally received some snow here on Monday. It is funny but the snow stayed north of the DC area. And yes, of course, I was out in the snow taking pictures. It was too pretty to resist. So the photos this week will be from a quick to the Mannings on Sunday and of the first decent snow of the season.

The barn that is part of the Mannings

The barn that is part of the Mannings


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2 responses to “Cold

  1. Beautiful photos! I can’t believe it’s your first snow of the year… as a Midwesterner, I just can’t imagine it. Acer sounds like it’s going to be great. I’m almost done with my Malabrigo cowlneck sweater, and next I’m swatching for a raglan sweater with the lovely lavender Manos you gave me! Thanks again. 🙂

  2. I love the barn door picture!

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