Old Fence Post

The first snow was so nice and fluffy. You could actually see the snow crystals if you looked carefully. We ended up with about an 1-1/2 inches. I hope we get more soon. But not until I make a run to the grocery store for a major stock up. I need to remember that although fiber is good for your diet, the fiber I am buying is not edible but spinnable. I really do need to do a major grocery shopping trip to refill the pantry and freezer.

The first snowfall on an old fencepost

The first snowfall on an old fencepost


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3 responses to “Old Fence Post

  1. Beautiful Picture, but watch what you wish for, I still have a heck of a lot of snow NOT melting in my backyard. 😉

  2. Someday it will snow down here. I hope.

  3. Nice picture. I may just have to copy that one if it snows here again. I say if. It’s seems spring has sprung, but only enough to half melt the snow.

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