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Please Vote

Okay that sounds strange but I am trying to narrow my photo choices for some note cards and I need help picking out just 6 shots. So would you kind readers click on over to the sheep set over on Flickr and either comment there on your top 5 or 6 or comment here by giving me the names of the photos? I have 15 shots in the set and only 6 will be chosen for this project.

I need to order my prints by Friday so you have a few days to take a look and let me know.


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Breathing I Think

I am still here. But a mild sinus infection is kicking me out of the game. Funny how something that minor can kill all of your energy. But I have been listening to my body and staying home and resting. My attention span is not there so there isn’t much knitting going on either. I can at least pay attention to spinning and there is spinning going on. Well, I spin and I can watch movies at the same time.

I am also going through m y photos right now trying to figure out which one I want to enter into a show at a museum in Baltimore in April. And which one to enter into the contest at MDS&W. I never knew they had photography contests at the festival before. I have that one narrowed down to two or three shots to pick from.

And while I have been going through my photos, I came up with the idea of a special set of note cards that will help benefit the Homespun Yarn Party. I am putting together a set of photos of yarn-y things and will be creating note cards that will be for sale at the Homespun Yarn Party. The money raised will help keep the event free for next year. I will also be offering the note cards for sale over on Etsy after the show for those who can’t make it to the show.

And speaking of the Homespun Yarn Party, go check out the blog and scroll down and find the contest entry post. There is a chance for you to win handspun yarn by me. All you have to do is mention the Yarn Party on your blog and comment on the Yarn Party blog to be entered. You don’t even have to attend the Yarn Party to enter this contest. I will mail the yarn anywhere in the world.

Just over 600 yards of handspunby me!!!

Just over 600 yards of handspunby me!!!


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Actually Knitting Eye Candy

There is everything a knitter need in here - yarn & chocolate!

There is everything a knitter need in here - yarn & chocolate!

If you look closely, you can see my sweater in progress plus a crochet project. And tons of hand spun yarns. And if you are into indie dyed yarns and hand spuns, click on over to the Homespun Yarn Party blog for details on the show coming up in a month!!! There may even be hand spun yarn for a prize that was spun by me!!!


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Still Knitting

Snack TimeOkay, I know I promised photos of what I am actually working on but I haven’t taken them yet. I want to get to the sleeve split so it actually looks like something. It is a top down sweater. But there are knitters out there who have seen it. It was my project at knit group this past weekend.

Of course, there is spinning going on as unusual. There are several skeins drying right now. One of the new yarns is spun from roving generously donated by Ang of Serendipitous Ewe to me for a review. I haven’t had a chance to write up the review yet since the other two braids are still being spun by Jess aka bunnysquirrel on Ravelry and Lauren aka geekkitty. The roving that I spun into yarn will be either a door prize at the Homespun Yarn Party or it may be the prize for a possible upcoming contest on the Homespun blog. Keep your eyes open over there to see what happens.

Once the yarn is dry, I will figure out how many yards I ended up with from a color way called Prickly Pear. It is looking like this is a heavy fingering weight so some one will get lucky if they win this yarn. Although, I do not promise a perfect yarn. I am still learning and mastering plying but it is still hand spun.

And I am trying to decide what I really think of this particular photo. So would some one chime in and tell me what you think of this photo? I am trying to get photos together for note cards for the Homespun Yarn Party and am trying to decide if I want to include this one.

Fence Fleece


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Conversations with a Cute Boy

Yet another photo-less post. But yesterday afternoon was spent watching the three year old nephew so my SIL go go down to Baltimore to see her aunt who is not doing well. I stopped and picked up lunch on my way over and when I got there the cute boy had already eaten. He was wanting me to sit on the floor with him to play right away. When I asked him if I could eat first, his answer was okay. Than he told me I had French fries. I had not even opened the bag. But the boy is smart and told e that French fries come from the white bag with a M on it.

He politely allowed me to eat in exchange for fair share of my fries. But when he was finished with his share of the fries he expected me to be finished with my lunch. He wanted me to play with him. But I was allowed to finish my lunch. After hand washing, we played.

Cute boy’s idea of play is for you to sit on the floor with him while he plays. But he had other ideas yesterday. He told me to “make yarn” while I was sitting on the floor. “Make yarn” translates to either knit or crochet. He likes to help by holding and petting your yarn.

He played and I “made yarn” until it was time for him to take his nap. He did not want to change into his pajamas for his nap or as it is now called – quiet time. He was wanting to play with me. He loves to “rough house” with his big brother but not his sister. Somehow yesterday I was picked to be his “rough house” partner. His idea of “rough housing” is to try and push you down to the floor with you starting in a sitting position. I finally got him changed and ready to read his books. And all of a sudden I ended up reading all 3 of his books to him instead of only one. I still don’t understand how that one happened.

But I did ask him at one point when he had become bossy. His answer was “me three and bossy. When me four, no more bossy!” We shall see. But before I turned off his light and closed his door for his quiet time, he told me to go “make yarn.” I think he maybe a future knitter.

Busy Bee (2)

Needed the reminder of what color is so an older photo.


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Here But Busy

Still here but really busy. One of the government sites I use on a regular basis made some changes and the changes meant that all of my templates have disappeared. So I am recreating my templates. Very very slow.

And now that the sun has come out, I can finally take some decent photos of my knitting!!! There have been witnesses to the fact that I am doing more than spinning.

Look for a fiber review soon of Serendipitous Ewe roving. Ang is a local indie dyer and will be a vendor at the Homespun Yarn Party come March. I met with her and her 3 boys last Friday and she gave me some of her roving to spin up and review. And the finished yarn will be door prize at the Homespun Yarn Party.

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Curls and More Curls

Lots and Lots of Curls I love my curls but there are times when I hate them too. I had my hair trimmed last month and either the stylist forgot that the last time she trimmed my hair two months ago it was perfect or she didn’t take enough length off to take the weight off my hair. So last night after getting frustrated with it being so straight, I decided to trim it myself!!! One advantage to my curls is that my hair is long so if I screw up the trim, you can’t tell. But just taking off less than 1/2 an inch has resulted in happy curls again.

And the inspiration for the happy curls was that I went out to Pocket Meadow farm yesterday to visit the studio and see Ellen’s sheep. She has a breed called Leicester Longwools. And let’s just say they share the same hair issues that I do. Either you love your curls or you hate them/ And they love their curls.

I am on the search now for a Leicester Longwool fleece to spin up I mean curlyheads should stick together? And yes, spinning is still taking up my knitting time. But some of my hand spun may be for sale along with hand spun from a friend of mine at the Homespun Yarn Party. I have been spinning up a variety of fibers in a variety of colors just to try them out. But in all honesty, I probably won’t knit up most of them. So my friend offered me up the chance to sell some on her table. I figure that I can sell some and turn right around and buy more roving and top to spin. It is a never ending process.

I love my curls!!

And no no photos of my now happy curls. I prefer to be behind the camera not in front of it.

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