Curls and More Curls

Lots and Lots of Curls I love my curls but there are times when I hate them too. I had my hair trimmed last month and either the stylist forgot that the last time she trimmed my hair two months ago it was perfect or she didn’t take enough length off to take the weight off my hair. So last night after getting frustrated with it being so straight, I decided to trim it myself!!! One advantage to my curls is that my hair is long so if I screw up the trim, you can’t tell. But just taking off less than 1/2 an inch has resulted in happy curls again.

And the inspiration for the happy curls was that I went out to Pocket Meadow farm yesterday to visit the studio and see Ellen’s sheep. She has a breed called Leicester Longwools. And let’s just say they share the same hair issues that I do. Either you love your curls or you hate them/ And they love their curls.

I am on the search now for a Leicester Longwool fleece to spin up I mean curlyheads should stick together? And yes, spinning is still taking up my knitting time. But some of my hand spun may be for sale along with hand spun from a friend of mine at the Homespun Yarn Party. I have been spinning up a variety of fibers in a variety of colors just to try them out. But in all honesty, I probably won’t knit up most of them. So my friend offered me up the chance to sell some on her table. I figure that I can sell some and turn right around and buy more roving and top to spin. It is a never ending process.

I love my curls!!

And no no photos of my now happy curls. I prefer to be behind the camera not in front of it.

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  1. Now those are curls!
    I have wavy hair which can get pretty messy looking. I’m getting my hair “fixed” tomorrow. It’s looking past it’s prime 😉

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