Conversations with a Cute Boy

Yet another photo-less post. But yesterday afternoon was spent watching the three year old nephew so my SIL go go down to Baltimore to see her aunt who is not doing well. I stopped and picked up lunch on my way over and when I got there the cute boy had already eaten. He was wanting me to sit on the floor with him to play right away. When I asked him if I could eat first, his answer was okay. Than he told me I had French fries. I had not even opened the bag. But the boy is smart and told e that French fries come from the white bag with a M on it.

He politely allowed me to eat in exchange for fair share of my fries. But when he was finished with his share of the fries he expected me to be finished with my lunch. He wanted me to play with him. But I was allowed to finish my lunch. After hand washing, we played.

Cute boy’s idea of play is for you to sit on the floor with him while he plays. But he had other ideas yesterday. He told me to “make yarn” while I was sitting on the floor. “Make yarn” translates to either knit or crochet. He likes to help by holding and petting your yarn.

He played and I “made yarn” until it was time for him to take his nap. He did not want to change into his pajamas for his nap or as it is now called – quiet time. He was wanting to play with me. He loves to “rough house” with his big brother but not his sister. Somehow yesterday I was picked to be his “rough house” partner. His idea of “rough housing” is to try and push you down to the floor with you starting in a sitting position. I finally got him changed and ready to read his books. And all of a sudden I ended up reading all 3 of his books to him instead of only one. I still don’t understand how that one happened.

But I did ask him at one point when he had become bossy. His answer was “me three and bossy. When me four, no more bossy!” We shall see. But before I turned off his light and closed his door for his quiet time, he told me to go “make yarn.” I think he maybe a future knitter.

Busy Bee (2)

Needed the reminder of what color is so an older photo.


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5 responses to “Conversations with a Cute Boy

  1. May

    I just recently came across your blog and had to comment on your nephew telling you to ‘make yarn’! How cute! My 3 year old is always asking me to knit random things that can’t really be knitted, like wooden puzzles and plastic toys.

  2. Awwww…. cute boy is truly cute…..

  3. He sounds very cute. I seem to get talked into reading extra at bedtime too. I don’t mind so much because I like the quiet snuggly time with the kids.

  4. This made me laugh so much!

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