Please Vote

Okay that sounds strange but I am trying to narrow my photo choices for some note cards and I need help picking out just 6 shots. So would you kind readers click on over to the sheep set over on Flickr and either comment there on your top 5 or 6 or comment here by giving me the names of the photos? I have 15 shots in the set and only 6 will be chosen for this project.

I need to order my prints by Friday so you have a few days to take a look and let me know.


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9 responses to “Please Vote

  1. Honest, I Can See
    Nom Nom Nom
    My Pillow

  2. Eva

    Honest, I can see
    And I would try to get Baa/Silent now on one card. Either both pics the same size or tiled or like a mosaïc or so 🙂

    Cheers Eva

  3. My Pillow
    Honest I can see

  4. i love “Baaaaa” and “Honest, I Can See” bestest.

  5. #1 Baaaa!
    #2 Honest, I Can See!
    #3 Who You Shooting?

    Love!! And thx for the comment on my new jar tote on VWorld! 🙂

  6. Honest, I Can See
    Who You Shooting?

  7. Honest, I can see
    Who You Shooting
    Play of Light

  8. It might be too late, but I vote for:

    Honest, I can see
    Free night a the fair
    Nom, nom, nom
    Alpaca curls

  9. Nini

    I like: Nom, nom, nom
    What’s That?
    Who You Shooting?
    Honest, I Can See
    Quiet Now
    Hope this is not too late. Nice photos–all!!