Homespun Yarn Party

The 2nd annual Homespun Yarn Party is this Sunday, March 15, 2009. We have been able to extend the hours to noon to 5 pm. If you are any where in the mid-Atlantic region please come out and support us. Tons of indie dyers, a soap person, a bag person, many more and more important – me!!! I am selling some of my handspuns and my note cards with my friend Leslie‘s stuff. Well actually she will be selling my stuff. I will have note cards, prints, and patterns for sale with Leslie’s stuff. P and I have been working on a few patterns and we will be premiering the latest two at the Yarn Party.

The patterns will be found either at the table for CedarWool or with Dragonfly Fiber.. We are recommending either Kate’s lovely yarns or Gryphon‘s lovely yarns for our designs. We both prefer indie dyed yarns.

And I will be selling a variety of note card styles, key chains, buttons, and prints for which the proceeds help keep Yarn Party free. The Yarn Party is free but we have expenses to cover such as renting the room, advertising, and such that have to be covered. So I will be selling these items plus maybe a few other items from some of the other organizers to help us cover our costs.

And I will have what will be the first in a limited run of art prints for sale there matted and framed. My buddy also known as dreadlocks sheep has been printed on metallic fine art photo paper and will be matted and framed tonight. This is a chance to get #1 in a series limited to 10 of this print. (If there is a demand, I will let the run go to 15 but no more than that.) This is my big ticket item for Yarn party and I would love to be able to sell it there. So come and check everything out.

aka Dredlock Sheep

aka Dredlock Sheep

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