Yarn Party Review

I think I have finally recovered from this year’s Yarn Party. Of course, there has been no knitting going on lately because of Yarn Party. If I saw you at Yarn Party and even spoke to you, don’t be surprised if I don’t necessarily remember it. It was crowded and my mind was gong in quite a few directions all at once.

Roving from Yarn Party 09

Even though we tried to give our vendors half an hour to shop before we opened the doors, we should probably allow them an hour next time. At least the organizers need an hour to shop!!

Carissa of Treadle to the Metal

Carissa of Treadle to the Metal

I did manage to shop some. I can honestly say that I did not buy any yarn!!! I do not need any more yarn. Fiber on the other hand….. That stash is growing. But while the fiber stash takes up a large amount of space because of volume, the fiber does turn into beautiful lovely hand spun yarns.

Yarn from Cosy Makes

Yarn from Cosy Makes

Because my computer and I are still not getting along that well, I still have tons of photos to edit from the Yarn Party. And I need to still to take photos of my new additions to the fiber stash and my new toy. I have a new fiber toy but I am not ready to tell you what it is. And those of you who know what it is, please keep quiet.

Mr. Woolarina "helping"

I did have stuff for sale at the Yarn Party photography wise and yarn wise. I had several hand spuns for sale with my friend Leslie and actually sold two skeins of red Wenselydale. I traded a skein of hand spun with Karida of Neighborhood Fiber for some silk lace weight. And I am going ot meet her next week to trade another skein of my hand spun for some of her rovings or yarn. A few of our lovely volunteers, including Corrine aka Gingy on Rav, Lauren, and Jess, managed to walk away with some of my hand spuns as thank yous for helping out. Wait!! Jess was an organizer and Lauren is technically my spinning teacher. But I guess that says something about her teaching skills that she wants some of my hand spuns.

Homespun Yarn Party 2009

Homespun Yarn Party 2009

I donated most of my hand spuns to the wonderful Gryphon of the Sanguine Gryphon to sell in her shop for her Heifer International project. So look for them there after she gets a chance to photograph them.


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2 responses to “Yarn Party Review

  1. From all I have heard, the show was a success – congrats!!!

  2. Yarn Party looks like it was heavenly! Congrats on helping Heifer International — I really like that charity.

    Good luck with your computer problems. Argh… never fun.