Here There Be Dragons

Last Tuesday night, I was smart and did not attempt to spin right after having my finger glues back together. But I did go back to playing with the drum carder. I waited until Wednesday to try spinning. It was slow spinning with a finger held together with glue. And yes, a bandage was placed over the injured part to keep it from attracting the fibery goodies that follow spinners.

I finally plyed the yarn last night. This is a roving that I had to have when I saw the name. I mean Fire Breathing Dragon??? My dragon obsession is almost up there with my sea turtle obsession. Yarn Chef now has a separate shop over on Etsy for her rovings.

I Tweeted right after I finished plying it last night wondering who among my yarnie friends would want it. And the very talented art yarn spinner of ColorBomb Creations aka the lovely Velma tweeted back really fast. She was wanting to see photos of the new yarn so she could drool over them. So V, here is the one decent shot I managed to take this morning after the dragon came out of the bath. I promise to take a better shot after it is dry.

New yarn spun after the finger incident

New yarn spun after the finger incident

And since I couldn’t sleep after that, I decided to spin another yarn. I had made myself an art batt on the new drum carder recently and spun it up last night. It is a little of this, a bit of that, a bit of oh that looks pretty, and look shiny!!! The perfect way to make an art batt. It kind of wanted to be spun up as a lumpy bumpy yarn. I wound it off last night too and am leaving it as a single. Not quite what I expected but I like it.

Art yarn spun from a batt I made.

Art yarn spun from a batt I made.

It also needs a better head shot after it is dry. Hopefully this evening. It is supposed to rain later tonight so I will try to get some shots before it rains. And I should say that both of these yarns are heading out west to the wilds of northern California. And there might be a few other things headed in the box to keep them company too. V is always sending me stuff so turn about is fair game!!


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4 responses to “Here There Be Dragons

  1. so RED! it’s on FIRE! i adore it, & feel so special to be giving it a new home. 🙂 you rule, truly. thankee!!

    i really like your art batt spin, too. got a name for it yet? it has some of my very fave colors in it. can’t get enough of that turq/orange combo.

    oh, & you’re the bomb for saying such nice things about my yarn!! linkie love is the bestest.

    happy hump day!

  2. Gingy

    Gorgeous! While you were busy spinning, I got into a car accident. And then another one 30 seconds later, backing out of the flow of traffic. At least I didn’t impale myself on a carder!

  3. Gorgeous colors!! It is hard to find a good red roving, and that one is great. Did it bleed a lot when you gave it a bath? Inquiring minds want to know.

    I like the colors in your art yarn – very cool blending!

  4. globetrotteri

    The color of that first yarn is incredible. I love hot oranges, fiery reds, and brilliant yellows. It seems as though your poor finger is bringing you spinning luck, Mia. I hope it heals quickly. 🙂