Promise of Spring

The weather today is much needed rain. But it makes everything look dreary. But my daffodils are almost ready to open. For some reason mine are always the last to open in the neighborhood but that is okay with me.

The daffidols are almost ready to pop

The daffidols are almost ready to pop


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4 responses to “Promise of Spring

  1. sure sure sure…. we have snow in the forecast for sunday. So this is a cruel tease. 🙂

  2. Last to open, last to die!

    I agree with kittykitty though, we keep getting a bit of spring, more winter, a bit of spring, more winter…

  3. globetrotteri

    First of all, thanks for your comments and support, Mia! Your friendship means a lot to me.

    Daffodils are one of my favorite flowers because they are heralds of spring. Their sunny yellow petals never fail to make me smile. I also LOVE tulips. Do you have any of those in your garden?

  4. Gingy

    My daffodils are already out! I LOVE Spring!

    Coming my way tomorrow?