Yarn Eye Candy

I have been a busy little bee and sitting at my wheel creating new yarns. And there is currently another sock yarn on the bobbin and a silk blend waiting to be spun up next. And I have been steadily working on a WIP that has sitting for a few months too.

Spring is here which means I will be getting back out and shooting some of my favorite subjects – flowers!!!!

Fire Breathing Dragon

Art Yarn #1
Promise 2


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4 responses to “Yarn Eye Candy

  1. Pretty.
    I encourage all visitors to click on the bigger version of the flower bud. It is an even more beautiful picture larger.

  2. j’adore! I am peeing myself in anticipation of the lovely Yarn for V!! 🙂 cooking up some goodies for YOU, too!

    what, please, is the dainty little bud at the bottom?

  3. Sounds like you’re in your element! I’m ready for spring, too.

    BTW, I put those 2 books in the mail for you today — The Guernsey Potato Peel Pie Society and one other whose title is escaping me at the moment.

  4. Finally catching up… you’ve been busy!!