Busy Weekend

This past weekend involved a trip to not one but two sheep farms in the rain, a trip to Clover Hill, and a trip to the DC area to meet with Woolarina and Karida of Neighborhood Fibers. And no not all on the same day!


Saturday was a rainy misty sort of day but it didn’t stop me from heading out to a farm to purchase a fleece or two. I have fallen in love with the Leicester Longwools and wanted to purchase a fleece to clean and spin as my entry for the MDS&W skein contest. I am eligible to enter as a novice spinner and as a novice spinner spun Maryland wool. And it turns out the farm is not that far from me and is owned by one the Festival Chairman of MDS&W Gwen Handler! Her farm is Hill Farm and she has her own booth at the show. I got a sneak peek at what she is dying for the show and the colors are lovely. I came home with a black lamb fleece and a white adult fleece. I have washed up a good portion of the lamb fleece and it is lovely. I have also washed up some of the white fleece but the rest will be going out for processing.


The day was finished up with a quick trip over to Clover Hill to pick up some bobbins from Jolene and pet the new rovings in the store. She now carries lovely batts from Grafton Fibers. And there will be more new stuff in the booth at MDS&W.

I ended the day up at my Friend Leslie’s farm. I wanted her to look at the new fleeces and to let me know if there was anything special I needed to do before washing them. And of course, it is always a great treat to go up to the farm because of the lambs. The lambs are growing fast and still very adventurous
Not My Kid!

Sunday, I met with Woolarina to go over the bits and pieces from the most recent Yarn Party and write down what we wanted to change for the next Yarn Party. Yes there will be a third Yarn Party but we have not decided on anything more at this point. It will be nice to take a few months off before starting to plan again.
Old Barn

I took Metro downtown DC to meet up with Karida. I am spinning some lovely pink merino/silk up for her into what is going to be a lovely 3 ply yarn. This yarn is actually going to be the yoke of a sweater for her. She is paying me in roving which is a good deal. We met at the wonderful chocolate shop where she works on weekends. It is called ACKC and I was treated to a lovely blackberry and mango smoothie by Karida. Lovely shop worth the walk from the Metro station too. And yes, I did come home with some chocolate which I am limiting myself to one piece per day.


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3 responses to “Busy Weekend

  1. Sounds heavenly! Very, very busy, though — I think I would have been exhausted after all of that. 🙂

  2. Love the rustic picture of the red (Barn?). Great post. I’m always interested in the connection between fiber grower and fiber producer. It’s a special one.

  3. mmmm chocolate.

    Ok, that is not all I took away from your post. Cool happenings for you this weekend…it sounds like lots of fun! AND I love that barn pic.