Yarn a Day Challenge

Over on Twitter, Tara of Blonde Chicken Boutique came up with the idea of challenging herself to spin a yarn a day this month. And being the generous enabling person she is, she tweeted about it. And things sort of took off from there. There is now a Ravelry board for the group. And even a Flickr group. The idea is to spin every day and challenge yourself.

I have already finished up my first yarn. I had finished spinning up a bobbin the other day and decide to wait until today to ply it. I had to get up really early to ply it but my first yarn for April is 356 yards of fingering weight. The fibre came from Poppy Flowers Fiber over on Etsy. Her colors are fantastic and sometimes hard to get because they sell out so quickly. I follow her on Twitter and caught a tweet that she had updated. I managed to get two rovings that day. The colors remind me of spring pansies with purple, blue, yellow, and green. And it was in one of my favorite wools – Falkland.

Yarn #1 for Yarn a Day

Yarn #1 for Yarn a Day

The only photo so far of it is of it on the knitty-noddy but I promise a better photo of it once it is dry. It is currently drying. Well trying to dry given that it is rainy misty again today.

And yarn two for the month is on the bobbin already. Since I have gotten to know my drum carder better, I have been playing with art batts and making them a tad on the colorful side. Maybe I have been inspired by Velma of Color Bomb Creations too much. Her color theory is simple – there is no such thing as too much color in your life. And given that today is a dark day, drafting out the color brightens everything up. The new yarn will be a thick and thin yarn that will be plied with something but I haven’t decide on the plying yarn yet.

My art batt parked near the orifice

My art batt parked near the orifice

So there may be lots of new yarn this month. I am also trying to decide what to spin to enter into MDS&W‘s skein and garment competition. Decisions, decisions.

Hard to tell but this is a thick n thin yarn

Hard to tell but this is a thick n thin yarn


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3 responses to “Yarn a Day Challenge

  1. So I guess my question is what constitutes making a yarn a day.

    Is it;
    a) the processes of Spinning, Plying, and setting
    b) Spinning or plying
    c) Does it only count if there is an in product that is yarn for the day or can it be just the act of spinning each day?

    So for day 1, I plyed yarn I already had spun and then spun another ounce to have it ready to ply tomorrow.

    Just not clear on the rules… HELP

  2. Do you still have time to knit and if so, how do you do it all? If you’re able to create time, as in 36 hours to the day, please share.

  3. There really is no such thing as too much color 🙂