First Handspun Lace Weight

My yarn a day challenge for the weekend was lace weight singles. I had no intention of spinning lace just yet but when I started spinning this lovely sliver it spun up as frog hair to quote the wonderful geekkitty. I just need to ply it to make it a two ply just in case there are any thin spots. Better safe than sorry. I am hoping for at least 350 yards when I am done. I want to knit up the new pattern from Felicia Lo aka Sweet Georgia in the new lace weight.

Lace singles about halfway through

Lace singles about halfway through

The photo here was taken when I still had about an ounce to spin. It is done and resting. If the sun ever bothers to come out again, I promise a better photo. I couldn’t even get a decent shot of the new yarn in progress.


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6 responses to “First Handspun Lace Weight

  1. It is gorgeous and looks really even.

    This challenge is such a great motivation!

  2. I’m so impressed with your spinning!

  3. Those are some nice bright colors! I see you haven’t stopped slowing down to smell take pictures of the flowers either!

  4. globetrotteri

    What a joyous riot of color. I’m simply amazed at what you are producing. Part of me wishes I was back home. I belong to an artist’s guild in Canada for my jewelry designs and we have a few big shows each year with a number of talented artists in each medium. It would be lovely to spend an afternoon side by side with you, Mia!

  5. Your singles on the bobbin are total YUM!!! I’m thinking of knitting that Sweet Georgia scarf too. Already have my copy downloaded.

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