For Carrie

These photos are for Carrie of My Several Worlds. Carrie is a wonderful talented travel writer, photographer, and all round artist who currently lives in my birth place of Taiwan. She is from the far white north but has traveled all around Asia. Her blog is a must read so far as I am concerned. Even if you have no interest in visiting the Far East, you can admire the wonderful photos she takes over on Flickr. Carrie wanted to see some tulips and my yellow ones opened up on Sunday afternoon. So Carrie, these are for you.

Golden Shimmer #1

Golden Shimmer #2

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One response to “For Carrie

  1. globetrotteri

    Thank you so much for these. Tulips are such sunny flowers and never fail to lift my spirits, and when they are coming from such a good friend, it makes them even more special.

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