Shearing Time

Yeah Right! I was lucky enough to spend some time yesterday at my friend Leslie’s farm watching the sheep shearing. And here are a few photos. I have seen sheep sheared before at MDS&W but those are show sheep who have been washed and prepped for the show ring. Real sheep are dirty girls and like to roll in the mud if they feel like or just because it is there. What is amazing though is how only the outer layers of their fleeces are really dirty. The closer to the skin you go, the cleaner it becomes.


And for a knitter or spinner, these shots are really p0rn since it is fibre on the hoof for us.
Nekkid Sheep

Boney hips hide under a nice thick fleece

Boney hips hide under a nice thick fleece


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6 responses to “Shearing Time

  1. Never fails to totally entertain me to see those little sheep under all that wool!

  2. Lamb Porn! The Shame! 😛

    Cute sheep. Seeing the process makes me thankful for sheep and what they go through for our hobby.

  3. I love sheep porn! Thank you!

    And I love to buy fleece that is dirty (nothing a little soap can’t handle).
    It means the sheep lived and enjoyed instead of being cooped up in a coat and/or barn where they had to stand pretty and not get dirty.

    Super clean perfect fleece makes me feel guilty!

    Yup, I am an odd duck.
    But I love the sheepies as much as I love their coats!

  4. it’s amazing how skinny sheep actually are under all that fluff.

  5. sunneschii

    that’s a cute sheep

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