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Spring here in Maryland has been wet. We have been having thunderstorms the past few days. The sunset Tuesday night was specular as viewed through my living room window looking west. I had to grab the camera and shoot through my window. Yes, I shot photos through the glass. My windows are the original windows in a house built in 1925. The storm windows are newish but you can still seethe waves in the glass in some windows. I like shooting through the glass sometimes for the special effects added.

Golden Light (Click it large for the best viewing)

And my day 21 yarn is another yarn that was spun from a FatCatKnit roving. I love her stuff. I have spun her stuff in colors that I normally wdon’t like and love the end results. This is yarn 12 for the month. I have three more to go to hit my personal goal of 15 new yarns this month. I am thinking I will hit it.

Stolen Kisses from FatCatKnits

Stolen Kisses from FatCatKnits


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