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Weekend Travels

This past weekend was busy. I stopped by the children’s museum first thing Saturday to pick up some fleeces for Kate of Dragonfly Fiber from my friend Leslie. Yes, I am the local neighborhood fleece delivery person! I headed out to Baltimore next to work a shift for Andrea of Spinster Fibers during the side walk sale. The weather this past weekend was HOT and I lucked out by picking the first shift. I stayed in the shade and the weather wasn’t quite as hot as it got later in the afternoon.

After my shift was over, I stopped at the Red Canoe. I bought a lovely spinach cheddar muffin to munch on and a new book written by a Baltimore author. Since I normally go to Spinster for the Saturday night stitch and bitch, I have never been into the Red Canoe since they are closed by the time I get there. I will have to go down to Spinster earlier now since I love the cute little books store.

I headed up to the York, Pennsylvania area afterwards to pick up a wheel for Lauren. She just bought a used Lendrum to play with but she is not planning on keeping it too long. I will end up buying it from her later on. I like the York area and the countryside was lovely. I found a nice little farm stand and picked up some fresh asparagus and spinach which I shared with Lauren on Sunday.

Heading home, I drove through West York and found a cute little shop that I will definitely be heading back to check out. It was a used/consignment store and had all sorts of interesting things in the huge front windows. But they had already closed for the day. When I hit Hanover, I decided that I needed a caffeine fix and headed over to the mall area. But as I passed the Utz place, I realized that the factory store was still open. And a certain friend will be town next weekend and has a slight addiction to Utz crab chips. And apparently the crab chips are only available in this area. And being the good friend, I had to stop and pick her up plenty of her favorite chip.And would you believe that this was the only time all day that I remembered that I had my camera with me?

The Utz factory store in Hanover PA

The Utz factory store in Hanover PA


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