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Playing with Fire

Yes, I was playing with fire recently. The local children’s museum is a hand on rural plantation house. At one point in its history it was owned by one of the early governors of the state of Maryland – Thomas Johnson.

Antique flax hackles

Antique flax hackles

I love Rose Hill because it is hands on and still has many of the workings of the old plantation. I love the gardens and like to wander thorough them in the fall. And my local fiber guild meets there during the winter. I am some how finding myself being “volunteered” to help out there more and more. Of course knowing people who are on the board may have something to do with it.
Flax & Flax Breaker

This past weekend was the spring family days festival and that was why I ended up there Sunday morning to spend some time spinning with my friend Leslie. Leslie is the spinning teacher at the museum and was there to demonstrate spinning. So I brought my wheel to spin with her for awhile. And what is funny is that I was the one the kids wanted to watch spinning and wanting to learn from. So I ended up teaching a ten year old boy how to spin. And he was able to spin a nice thin yarn too. His little sister needed a bit more help though.

Waiting for the chimney to get hot

Waiting for the chimney to get hot

But more interesting to me was that there was a gentleman there who preps flax for spinning. He was also planting over half an acre of flax on the far field of the plantation to use for the museum. And funny how I was looking to buy some prepped flax to try my hand at spinning flax and he was looking for spinners to spin flax. So I will be hearing from him come fall when he was fresh flax ready to spin. The spun flax will than be woven into cloth.

But I had the most fun over in the blacksmith’s shop. Yep playing with fire again is fun. Normally viewers to the blacksmith shop are kept behind a rail for safety purposes. But I was behind the rail with the camera. And of course, it turns out I kind of know the volunteer blacksmith since we know many of the same people. And I learned quite a bit about black smithing of course.

Blacksmith SHop

Unfortunately I couldn’t spend all day at the museum since I wanted to go to spin in plus I had to deliver a wheel. At spin in I was finally able to overcome the mental block on spinning locks and figured out which skein of already spun yarn was worthy of entering into competition at MDS&W. I have to spin like crazy tonight to finish the bobbin that I started Sunday of Leicester Longwool. Photos of that will be coming soon.


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