MDS&W Recap

Honey BerryOkay, one photo says it all for me. I entered two skeins in the novice division and the one done in 4 hours won a ribbon!!

The last several days it has been rainy. And Saturday morning was no exception. But my mid morning, it had stopped raining. The best part of Saturday was hanging out with some of the rock stars of the spinning and indie fiber world. Now Gryphon and Kate are part of my spinning group so to me they are just friends. The same goes with Karida of Neighborhood Fibers and Olga who is a very talented designer. To me, they are just my friends. I just recently met Cosy of cosymakes at the Homespun Yarn Party. But to me, she is my friend Lauren’s friend. And I kept running into her at the festival as well. It is not until you attend a fiber festival like MDS&W that you realize that your friends are really major players in the indie fiber world.

But I was surrounded by the real rock stars of the spinning world on Saturday and Sunday. I already know Steph of Loop who creates fabulous fun batts for spinners. But she brought Lexie of Pluckyfluff fame with her to MDS&W. And both of them ate lunch with us. And it seemed like Kate, Elizabeth and I kept running into Lexie and Steph. But they were great and helped us by pointing us towards fiber and tools that we needed to check out. And yes, all three of us spent money based on their recommendations.

Lexie of PluckyFluff & Steph of Loop

Lexie of PluckyFluff & Steph of Loop

And Sunday was a totally mud fest at the festival. It poured almost all day yet those of us who are totally dedicated were out there. There is much more but it will have to wait for a post tomorrow. And the camera stayed i the back pack almost all day Sunday because of the weather.


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4 responses to “MDS&W Recap

  1. Congratulations!! How awesome that you won!

  2. Mucho congratulations! How cool!

  3. Congrats! Too bad the weather didn’t play along.

  4. Suz

    Hey, hey….congrats on the ribbon. How fun is that?

    Of course i finally wandered over to get the report from the weekend. Miss you tons!


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