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MDS&W Loot

Because some one asked for photos, here is a shot of the MDS&W loot. Okay, maybe more than one person asked to see it. I bought no yarn! Of course that doesn’t mean I didn’t buy top and roving to spin yarn though. I bought a variety of fibers so that I can continue on with my attempt to try as many different breeds as I can in my first year of spinning. Not everything is pictured in the basket though. I wasn’t about to haul the big bag of mill ends outside.

Most of the loot from MDS&W

Most of the loot from MDS&W

I bought some Clun Forest, some Cormo/bamboo, and some Coopworth. But my favorite breed that I added to the stash is Gotland locks. I knew that Jennifer of Spirit Trail would have some lovely Gotland locks in her booth straight from the UK. Her booth is always packed at MDS&W. But I managed to stick my head in and get a quick peek at the locks Saturday. She had black, a beautiful silvery gray, and a variegated gray. Since Jennifer knows that I am there both days, it was easy for me to get my locks. I just told her how many ounces of each one I wanted and that I would be back later to pay for them. I actually didn’t pick them up until Sunday but I also brought her some Leicester Longwool locks to play with.

II did manage to finally buy myself a Hatchtown drop spindle this year though. Actually the Coopworth top that I bought is Hatchtown Coopworth. I have 4 ounces of 4 different colors of Coopworth to play with soon.


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