Yarn a Day Challenge

Here is the shot of almost all of the yarns completed last month during the yarn a day challenge. There are three that are missing from the basket. One was a door prize for the After MDS&W party and the other two were the ones that were entered in MDS&W.

Not all of the yarns fit in this large basket

Not all of the yarns fit in this large basket

I am looking for a pattern to knit a lovely project for my friend Carrie out of one of these skeins. I have one pattern in mind but I need to figure out the needle size since the pattern calls for a different weight.


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6 responses to “Yarn a Day Challenge

  1. It is amazing how much yarn you spun!!!

  2. Busy, busy indeed! What a wonderful array of colors.

  3. WOw! I am so impressed!! I kept up for maybe a week – then fizzled out. I love the results of your work!

  4. Eva

    Gorgeous… I don’t know if you’ve already knit with your handspuns, but I’ve found that if I have a fingering handspun I’ll have to use a totally different size needle than for a commercial fingering weight yarn… even if their WPI is the same. So even when you think your yarn may suite a pattern it may not hehehe.

    Cheers Eva

  5. Congratulations! This was a big, fun looking challenge. I’m just about to learn to spin and seeing what you’ve done is inspirational!

    Would love for you to link up this Blog Post with Fiber Arts Fridays Blog Carnival http://www.alpacafarmgirl.com

  6. globetrotteri

    I am a lucky girl, indeed! I meant to drop by earlier to let you know how touched I am that you are thinking of me. My husband whisked me away to Singapore for some much-needed R&R! Thank you, dear friend! đŸ™‚

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