Short Week

Short weeks like this one really throw me off. It is like everything is off because you had Monday off. But there has been tons going on. Last Saturday, I went and got a curly cut and headed down to DC afterwards. After I getting my hair cut, I headed downtown to Dupont Circle area to meet up with the lovely and talented Karida of Neighborhood Fibers to hand off some hand spuns and batts that I had created for her. She has non-spinning plans for the batts I created for her. And I am hoping that at least some of the yarn that was supposed to be for her mother ends up in her mom’s hands.

Karida Hard at Work

Sunday was the last spin in at Lauren‘s house until the little geekbaby is born. The crowd was larger than normal which meant twice as much fun. Among the celebrities there were Gryphon, Kate, Paula, and the wonderful Sarah. We were lucky and had all Three Fates in one spot. Sarah bought a large bag of assorted rovings she wanted to clear out of her fiber stash. I was not the only one who dove in. Everyone who wanted some ended up going home with some of them. And a few were turned into batts right than and there. While the rest spun and knit, I was helping Kim get over her fear of color and taught her to make spontaneous colorful batts. She ended up making two batts all on her own that will work with the two that I helped her create.

Spin In

On Monday I headed over to Shpeherdstown, West Virgina to meet a new member of my photo guild. We met at the Lost Dog Coffee Shop which is really a tea house. They have the best selection of teas anyway! We did a short photowalk around the university there. It was starting to get pretty hot so I wanted to keep it short. Plus the bugs were biting around the creek. And I have this thing about creeks and rivers, I seem to want to photograph them. Next time, I will start out earlier in the morning and wear something to help prevent a few of the bug bites.

This lovely creek runs thru Shepherdstown WV

This lovely creek runs thru Shepherdstown WV

Otherwise, I have been playing with a new to me wheel. I have borrowed Lauren’s Lendrum to use while I take a class from the wonderfully talented Jacey of Insubordiknit coming up in less than two weeks. There is a definite learning curve for me since I am used to the double drive tensioning system on my Matchless. I have never really spun in Scotch tension. So being able to try it out before committing to buying one is really nice.

And yes, I am still in love with my new curly cut.


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3 responses to “Short Week

  1. But no photos of your new curly cut young lady… that is just not acceptable!!!

  2. good lord! you gotta warn me to be more lady like when you take photos! you’re lookin’ right up my skirt! eeek!

    Wish I coulda stayed for the fiber playing fun!

  3. You’ve got to post pics of the new hair! Glad you enjoyed the fiber. I have a bunch more, if you’re interested.