New Hobby?

It looks like I may have a new hobby. I live in an area that is full of history and my new hobby has something to do with my passion for history and textiles. Instead of saying what it is, I am going t post some photos and see if anyone can figure out what I am going to be doing now. And P, you are not allowed a guess since you already now.

The always reliable cook fire

The always reliable cook fire


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6 responses to “New Hobby?

  1. Historical re-enactment?

  2. I’m willing to bed it will be re-enactment. And, most of the yarn you gave me actually made it to my mom!

  3. SCA?

  4. Gingy

    I already know neener neener!

  5. haha – camping? Just kidding. But man, that food looks good to me right now.

  6. hmm, does is get the dirt off?