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I have been spending time cleaning lately. Okay, the more accurate description would probably be digging out the studio. And what inspired me to clean up the studio finally? Well, simply World Wide Spin in Public Day. Schifferstadt has graciously offered up the museum to host the event. The deal is that I am in charge of the event. So to make it worthwhile, I decided that the whole weekend would be a celebration of the needle arts. I have to settle on the name of the event fast so I can start the publicity machine for the event.

Since spinning is one of the needle arts, I am trying to pull together an exhibit of the needle arts and how they have changed very little since Colonial days. Our toys, um tools, are better and we have more in the way of fibers to chose from but the techniques have really remained unchanged since Colonial times. And since I used to do quite a bit of needle work and I love samplers, many of the pieces that will be on exhibit will be mine. And that has meant going through the studio.

And I have found that I have many projects that only need a few hours of work left to be finished. Among the pieces that I need to work on now are a piece of Hardanger that only needs the cut work finished. The photos aren’t the greatest but you can see just how little is left to be finished on this one piece.

Almost finished

Almost finished

Finished Section Detail

I have always loved Tina Richards Herman’s design from the days when she designed for the Vanessa-Ann Collection. So to say that I have more than a few Shepherd’s Bush designs already stitched up and patterns and kits is being polite. And there are several that just need some finish work with either being sewn up or framed patiently waiting. And there is one that just needs the cut work and the bottom half of the border finished. Lucky for me, I found the chart for it in the Shepherd’s Bush box. The name of the pattern is Pansy Walk and the linen is really a pale pink with a lavender undertone that is hard to capture with the camera.

Just the cutwork & half a border left

Just the cutwork & half a border left

And I will be spending more tie digging out the studio because I am missing the pattern book to a lovely black work sampler that is based on the Princess and the Pea. And I have a sampler that is almost done except for half a butterfly. The sampler is stitched on an 18 count linen and the butterfly is stitched over 1 thread. I can still get the pattern but it would have to be ordered. But I know that the chart and the threads are together in a bag somewhere in the studio. So I will keep cleaning to find it. Why spend the money if I have to is what I am thinking.

I have also found some needlepoint projects that are tempting to start but I am being good and will only let myself work on projects that just need finishing.


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