Rawfish Rocks!

First of all I have to saw that Laila of Rawfish rocks! I ordered some fiber from her in May during her Etsy-versary and that meant I was entered into her drawing. And when she tweeted that I had won, I was surprised. The prize was a skein of hand spun yarn, a crocheted basket, and some hand made knitting needles.

Prize from Raw Fish

I had sort of forgotten about it and when I went to the post office earlier this week, I was surprised to find a package from her waiting for me. And inside was a lovely skein of an almost acid green bulky yarn, a crocheted bowl in yellow and gray. And to top it all off, there was a pair of hand made knitting needles with the Tour de Fleece logo on them. Well our team’s logo.

Needle Detail

And finally the photo for the finished S’mores socks that were started way back in 2007. It took me forever to finish these socks I admit it. They need to be re-washed and send on to P so she can wear them as soon as the weather turns cool enough to wear socks again. But I can honestly say that I will never knit this pattern again. Or at least not for several years. The K2P1 rib gets boring after awhile.

Finally finished

Finally finished


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3 responses to “Rawfish Rocks!

  1. Congratulations on finishing them! I have some 2008 socks that I’m hoping to knock off during Summer of Socks…

  2. Lucky you! Those are some wonderful goodies.

    The S’mores socks look great, and they’re very aptly named.

  3. Great loot!
    Congrats on finishing the socks.

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