Pack Goat

I am going to do the weekend backwards. Sunday I was at the Maryland Small Farm Coop field day out on an organic farm in Jefferson, Maryland. Small but nice. There were supposed to be some alpacas there but for some reason they didn’t show. I bought some zucchini to make some fritters which will be made tonight.

But when I saw the pack goats the only word that came to mind was Velma!!! To make it simple, Velma has this ability to find the only goat in a field of sheep. So when I saw the pack goats, I knew what I had to do. Out came the camera and took a shot just for Velma. And V, you need to start dyeing up some more mohair locks because I am running low on ColorBomb mohair.

And yes I am looking at certain majors at a few local colleges on my what I want to be next list. But I will admit that math is not my friend and one of the majors I am looking at would require me to take some math classes. I need to call and see if I can avoid a lot of the classes since I already have one undergrad degree. Mores on that later.

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  1. But they’re *milk* goats! 😦 Oh, wait – that means cheese! Not so bad after all, haha!

    Thanks for thinkin’ of me, & thanks for the props on my fibers. I know I have some mohair somewhere waiting to be dyed… Lemme know if you have any color requests!


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