Spin Spin Spin

There honestly is knitting going on but try to photograph a sock on the needles is not always fun until the leg is almost done. I am about halfway through the leg of sock #q in STR’s Lemongrass right now. I am loving how the color is is knitting up.

But on to the Tour de Fleece photos. I may have fallen off the bike a time or two so far. But it is kind of hard to get in the mood to spin when the sun is hot and the weather is nice. But wheels are portable so I did take the Matchless out to play on Saturday. The local children’s museum sponsored a Civil War Encampment this past weekend and the local fiber guild was asked to come out and spin on Saturday. So the Matchless and Lauren‘s Lendrum came out to play next to the Yankee camp. (I personally would have rather been near the Virginians.) We were spinning under the trees and I had carpet to place under the wheels so it was nice to be outside spinning. I ended up on the Matchless spinning a special order top from Zen Yarn Garden. I challenged Roxanne to dye me up something that was out of her color comfort range. The Lendrum was borrowed by my friend Leslie’s daughter. Felisha forgot a bobbin for her wheel so she used the Lendrum and spun up some of Karida’s Neighborhood Fiber Company‘s Capitol Hill color way.

Spun next to a Yankee camp during a Reenactment

Spun next to a Yankee camp during a Reenactment

Additional spinning has been going on on the Lendrum this week. I have been practicing some of the techniques I learned from Jacey at her workshop. Fat yarns and racing stripes? Got them nailed.

Fibre from Sarah & playing with racing stripes

Fibre from Sarah & playing with racing stripes

Coiled yarns? Well maybe practice makes perfect. It took me an hour to create this tiny skein. I am going to play with using a different filler yarn next time. I was using a lace yarn but I think I may try a cotton yarn next time and see if it makes a difference. And I will spin a different yarn to make this yarn again. I don’t like the long color repeats in the yarn I was using.

An hour's worth of work to male this tiny skein

An hour's worth of work to male this tiny skein


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2 responses to “Spin Spin Spin

  1. cat

    Hi, I just found your blog using tag surfer and I am sooo impressed with your wodnerful spinning. Classes with Jacey must have been really interesting. Your coiled yarn is really cool!

  2. I think your coils look cool!
    I bet you will become a coil master – once it gets cooler out.

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