I have been busy playing with produce. I found a recipe for bread and butter pickles that my niece and oldest nephew liked. The youngest one at least tried the pickles. He is not yet a pickle fan. But we are working on him. So I have been making pickles and canning them. Sunday, I processed 9 pint jars of bread and butter pickles with more pickles that will be processed this coming weekend. I cure my pickles first before processing them. I will probably end up with 18 pints of pickles which should hopefully be enough to give me a few jars with the rest going to the kids. My niece, the oldest nephew and my brother all liked the pickles so they can fight over who gets the rest.

Nine jars of bread & butter pickles

Nine jars of bread & butter pickles

I personally love dilled green beans which are really pickled green beans. I found a recipe in the Ball canning cookbook that said it made 6 pints. I bought the exact weight of green beans the recipe called for and I still ended up with 9 pints. I have to wait at least two weeks before I find out if my dilled green beans taste as good as the ones I have purchased up in the Amish markets in Lancaster. If they are, I will be making more come fall.

Nine jars of dilled green beans

Nine jars of dilled green beans

Jam making will commence once the weather cools down. I have enough blackberries in the freezer for two batch of jam based on my recipe that I will be using. I am picking berries still and will hopefully get enough frozen to make three batches of blackberry jam. I have a certain friend who adores blackberries in any way shape or form she can get them. I will also be freezing blackberries to eat over the winter in yogurt. I still need to go and pick blueberries for jam making and general freezing too.

For anyone interested in canning, I would like to recommend two websites to check out. While I am am generally an experimental cook, when it comes to canning, I take it more serious. You are messing more on the chemistry side so I stick to recipes that I know are safe. My mom always used the Ball canning book and thanks to Priscilla, I have the newest edition that is super thick. I have also been talking to the University of Maryland extension agent here in the county and she told me that they reference the University of Georgia’s book from their Extension Office. Both sites have recipes and hints for canning and preserving. And yes, nutrition is one of the areas I am looking at for going back to school for another degree. Right now, I am still in the research stage though.


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5 responses to “Canning

  1. That is just utterly insane I tell you. I am very impressed.

  2. You’ve been busy! I remember helping my grandma can when I was little — she had a separate canning kitchen down in the basement, and I loved seeing all the gorgeous jars of veggies and jams on the shelves.

  3. beth

    so was the greenbean recipe in the old ball canning book? I have put up 21 quarts of greenbeans this year and have enough do seven more but i’d love to try something different.

  4. Oh yum! Some of my fondest childhood memories are of working in the kitchen with my grandma when canning season arrived. I miss her bread and butter pickles.

    It’s posts like these that make me wish I were back in Canada. There is just no room for this sort of thing over here in Taiwan. 😦

  5. Brenda

    I LOVE dilly beans! I want to can some this year, as I have done every year in the past, but I can’t find my recipe! It’s the one from the Blue Ball book.

    I found your blog through a google search on dilly beans. Would you mind either posting your recipe or emailing it to me? I have beans piled up, waiting for pickling.


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