Berries & Bites

It is still berry season here in the mid-Atlantic. I went last week to pick blueberries since the season was ending. Well, I did end up with almost nine pounds of blueberries but the bugs left me with something too. The early part of summer was full of rain. And rain means the gnats are in heaven!

It was very foggy & wet

It was very foggy & wet

I never knew that you could get bite by gnats. But I do know that now. I had several bites on my arms which weren’t a problem. But the bites on my face were a problem. I was bitten right near my right eye and that bite swelled up pretty bad. And when you really only see out of one eye, a swollen eye is not a good thing. But my eye was almost back to normal by Saturday. Antihistamines and cold compresses work wonders.

And it is full of berries & gnats

And it is full of berries & gnats

But I will remember to pick blueberries earlier in the season next year when you are up higher on the hill. And the blue berries are already in freezer waiting for the weather to cool down before they are turned into jam. Both my oldest nephew and my niece take their lunches almost every day. And according to the oldest, it is almost always PB&J. He loves blackberry jam but his mommy doesn’t always buy it. Both of them will be helping me to make the blackberry and blueberry jams when it is time. They were told that if they wanted some of the jam , they had to help make it.

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  1. Sorry about your bites – but they are totally going to be worth it. What could be more fun for your nephew and neice than making Jam with their favorite Aunt?

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