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Baby Belle

It seems like many of my friends are either still pregnant or have already had their babies. And I am always behind in my knitting. But when Cosy published her lovely Baby Belle pattern, I feel in love with it. And than she turned around and asked me if I would be interested in knitting one for a project she has in mind out of my own handspun, I couldn’t say no.

The first one is about 3/4 of the way done. I have the sleeves to knit next since I finished the body last night. I need to spin up some white yarn for the button band next. I couldn’t get gauge but I went ahead and cast on with the sweater in a 3 ply pink that I spun back in the early spring. I am ending up with a sweater that is probably a six to nine month size but with babies bigger is better.

Baby Belle pattern by Cosy

Baby Belle pattern by Cosy

I have fiber that I will start spinning hopefully tonight for a second one. The first one is definitely girly-girly and the second one will not be so girly. The fiber is blues and it will be cute with white and blue and ruffles. The trick for me will be to not alter the pattern. I never follow a pattern exactly. I always tweek them.

But I am currently swatching another handspun for a different baby sweater for a friend whose daughter is already three months old. My knit group had planned to knit her a baby surprise jacket out of a yarn I spun. But for some reason, the sweater never was knit. But that is okay because mommy will end up with the yarn and can knit what she wants out of it.


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