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Fire with the Blues

Strange title? Yes. But the yarn I have been working on for like forever is a two ply that was spun from two different fibers dyed for me by Roxanne of Zen Yarn Garden. I am in the Fiber Baristas Flora and Fauna Club and Roxanne was the dyer for the month of June. I asked her to dye me something extra and my only request was that she experiment with colors slightly outside of her comfort range.

Roxanne likes challenges and dyed me up two different colorways. The first one was called Mia’s Blues and the second one was Mia’s Fire. And now you understand the name of the new yarn. The fiber that Roxanne chose for me was Rambouillet. It is a fiber which I haven’t worked with before.

two ply yarn

two ply yarn

I managed to spin one bobbin very fine and the other one not quite as fine. But that is okay with me. One their own, each color is totally different even though they share some of the same colors in them. But when plyed together, the color mix reminds me of the colors you would see in the forest in early fall just as the leaves are starting to change but there is still quite a bit of green still.

I ended up with almost 600 yards of a light worsted weight yarn in the end. The yarn averages between 9 to 11 wpis which makes it a heavy sport weight but I figured saying a light worsted sounds better. There are no plans yet for this yarn. Although knitting with handspun is fun.

Edited to add – Here is a link to the colors of the top as it came in from Roxanne. She remembered to take a photo of them!


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