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Short Break

I am going to take a short break from blogging this week. It is the annual Lions Club gold tournament on Friday and as usual, they wait until the last minute to give me the info for their programs! SO I am busy rewriting the program info because the “gentlemen” can’t make up their minds and printing it out and folding it.

Plus I am trying to set up an Etsy shop. There will be a grand opening hopefully next week provided I get enough inventory into the shop this week.

And there is a wonderful contest for spinner out there. There is a smackdown to see which fiber is softer and finer – alpaca or angora! Click on over to AlpacaFarmGirl’s blog for details of the contest and a chance to a lovely batt that has both alpaca and angora in it.

The bees are in love with the lavender

The bees are in love with the lavender

It has also been just too hot to go out and play with the camera. But I have been scouting locations for some new photos once the weather cools down.

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