Photos & Heat

The weather has been really hot the past several days. Okay Maryland in August is supposed to be hot but we have been really lucky and not had any heat this summer. So the heat was unexpected. And when you are wanting to play with wool, the heat is not fun.

I have some items up in the Etsy shop although not as much as I would like. Taking a decent photo of fiber batts and yarns is harder than you would think! It is easier to take a photo of a bee than a photo of a fiber batt. Hopefully I can finish up some more photos this weekend and I will have the grand opening hopefully next week.

But in the mean time, I am going to ask for opinions. I was asked to shot a possible holiday car for the museum where I volunteer this past weekend. I did take the shots but it is hard to get in the mood for the holidays when it is one of the hottest days of the year. So I did some tweeks in the photo editing. I have narrowed it down to two shots. I am hoping that you will help me narrow it down to one to submit to the powers that be.

Pick #1

Pick #2


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6 responses to “Photos & Heat

  1. I like #1.

    Beautiful stuff on your etsy. I love all your handspun yarns!!

  2. #2. Too much stylization in #1 for my tastes. I don’t think it will print as well as #2 either, although I’d brighten the whites a little to avoid printer blob-out in the lower contrast areas.

  3. Number 2. It’s somehow less “electric” and fits the period more, at least in my humble opinion.

  4. #2. #1 catches my eye the most but there is something calming about #2 that draws me there the most.

  5. Deb in PA

    I agree with the others. Number 2 is the one.

    It focuses more on the message.

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