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Pickling Yet Again

I can freeze my berries and make my jam when the weather is cooler but pickles do not wait for the weather to cool down. And since I was canning yet more pickles, I decided to try pickled blackberries. Yes, pickled blackberries! You need two quarts of either blackberries or blueberries to make a batch of pickled berries. Since it costs me nothing to pick blackberries, I was willing to risk 8 cups of my very precious berries to try out this strange recipe. All I can say is that it is not worth the time or the berries to try pickling them.

Pickeld Berries

My oldest nephew was the brave soul who tried them. He tried them plain. He feels they would be good on ice cream or pancakes. They have a slightly sweet and tart taste to them. The vinegar has a very strong smell of the spices used to pickle them which are cinnamon, allspice berries, and whole cloves. I can see adding a small amount of the vinegar to a glaze or a salad dressing though.

And the amount of pickled berries you end up from 8 cups of berries is only 3 pints according to the recipe. I ended up with 2 and a half pints. So it is not worth the time in my book. But on the good side, I was able to spin while canning the pickles. I mean what else are you going to do while waiting for the jars to process?

And I only have one jar left. I gave the half pint jar to my neighbor who lets me pick from his blackberry patch and the one my nephew sampled is in my brother’s refrigerator.


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